Our Communications and Technology Committee

The COMMUNICATIONS AND TECHNOLOGY COMMITTEE monitors, evaluates and makes recommendations on the degree and manner in which parishioners are informed about parish events, facts and issues. Some areas of focus for this committee are: Coordinates the planning, development and implementation of a system of communications throughout the parish that effectively convey the parish’s mission, programs and needs; assists in the formatting and publication of the parish bulletin and/or newsletter; assists in the development and maintenance of a parish website and e-mail network designed to bring parish activities, information and spiritual awareness into the homes and lives of parish members; and provide oversight and support to the TV ministry and the service it provides the community. Ministries within the purview of the COMMUNICATIONS AND TECHNOLOGY COMMITTEE include:

    The Parish Bulletin
    The Parish Directory
    The Parish e-mail Directory
    The Parish Website

    Cable and Television Ministry
    Media and Sound

    Photography and Film

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Events for Communications and Technology Committee

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